Re-thinking the planning in developing countries – 
Job opportunities and future strategies for planners and land managers

Fabian Thiel

1. Planning and higher education: Capacity development is a »must«, multidisciplinarity is a »plus«
Urban and rural land resources are the »hot new bet«. Just consider Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) for agriculture and Foreign Real Estate Investments (FREI) for first-class residential neighborhoods, gated communities or commercial assets such as shopping centres. Regardless the investment type, land use planning is the key to cope with these challenges and to prepare investment decisions. It’s all about risk. Graduates from planning faculties are invited to work, write, plan and design on land development issues in urban and rural areas of developing countries.1 Planners and internship students should continuously participate in research projects dealing with property, development, land policy and real estate issues. Land policy lies at the heart of the economic and social life in each country. It serves as an umbrella for informal and formal planning instruments under legal and financial circumstances (see Figure 1, page 2). ... 

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